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Who We Are

Ranktify is your very own content optimization tool to help you reach a larger audience and rise higher in search results.

Ranktify puts the power of authoritative content creation and search engine optimization directly into your hands. In mere seconds, we analyze content -- regardless of topic or length -- and offer an array of easy-to-implement recommendations to ensure you’re publishing the most comprehensive material on any subject. No SEO knowledge is required.

Other readily available software has users chasing all sorts of debatable metrics or optimizing for irrelevant scores. But the web is highly dynamic, and those measurements are, at best, fleeting. Ranktify, however, is entirely rooted in verifiable facts, transparent citations, and provable data.


Among Ranktify’s many features

  • Surfaces facts, data points, and other valuable information to include in one’s content before you even begin writing

  • Analyzes your material after you’re done writing and offers recommendations for ways to improve its helpfulness

  • Fixes style and writing errors to maintain trustworthiness

  • Optimizes headlines, page slugs, title links, and meta descriptions for relevance

  • Improves anchor text, as well as locates applicable internal links for establishing expertise

  • Finds missing facts and data points needed for authoritativeness and to leapfrog competitors in search

Additional information

  • Can be used on a separate webpage or easily installed into any CMS

  • Upgrades and new features are automatically updated

  • No private information or data is collected from users

  • Dedicated support team is available 24/7

  • Dramatically speeds up workflow

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